Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mom, Tia, Nina

The last 3 years I have added 2 more names to the list of what I am called on a day to day basis - Tia (aunt) and Nina (godmother).

I can't say its the easiest of jobs because its not. It is however very rewarding and gives all those warm fuzzy feelings inside. I spend at least 2 days a week with this bunch and upwards of 5 including an overnight stay. The 2 youngest are 5 months apart so that is a challenge. Add a 3yr old who moves faster than a speeding bullet and can destroy a room in 2.2 seconds and it gets pretty chaotic. Then for a little fun you throw in a hormonal teenage boy who has seemed to become one with his new cell phone and only hears keywords like money, food, and yes, well you have just welcomed natural disasters into your home.

As a WAHM having these 4 on any given day, whether together or separate, that allows presents challenges. These may not be my children but I live a life as though I was a mother of 4 (3 of which are 3 and under). Just when I get a moment to answer an email, pop a binky on the floor. Time to wash! Pop it back in a crying baby and a toddler wants juice and attempting to water the kitchen attempting to make her own concoction. Of course that means stop everything you are doing and hurry before the house floods. After the last drops all soaked up into the dripping towel, someone just set off a stink bomb so they all join in. Start an assembly line of one off to the potty, and 2 on changing pads to ruin my appetite. Then heaven calls (que music here) - NAP TIME! HOORAY! I can answer a email, make a call, and check on inventory shipments. 20seconds later (at least that is how it feels) babies awake, toddler destroying, and its back to pamper patrol. When its time to go home and take care of the understanding man that sometimes forgets what I look like since I can scarce at home, people wonder why am I tired and why can I not get any work done expect late at night? Its simple. I am lazy and do absolutely NOTHING all day long.

Thanks to the makes of 5 hour energy I am happy that I managed to get deliver 3 kids unharmed even if the hair is not exactly brushed to perfection, or the clothes have a drip left over from lunch, or I forget that I didn't wash the last bottle and get ready for the next round of feedings. The balancing act changes from day to day but the tactics and skills do not. They only improve.

This is the life of a work at home mother and I wouldn't change it one bit!

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