Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life as I know it

Going from a full-time-plus WAHM to a part-time WAHM running 3 businesses (Party Gals, Teaporia, and Baby Bottom Bakes), 1 of which I own, has made major changes in my life. I closed my purse business recently. It was terribly sad but with the constant troubles I ran into I lost my passion for it. I hope to one day reopen as I regain the passion.

I refocused on Party Gals, a romance company. For years I had tossed the idea around about joining a company such as this. I kept putting it off because I was unsure of how my family would accept my venture. When I was close to closing my purse business I began looking around for a new direction in a completely different market. This is when I sat down with my family and asked how they would actually feel with knowing others new my business. The support was incredible so I jumped at the chance.

Teaporia is a company I have represented for a couple years now and love it. I have always kept this as a very part-time business by choice. Its a fabulous company with great products. I used this company to help boost my other businesses such as a purse tea party and now days naughty tea parties.

My personally owned Baby Bottom Bakes started from a hobby of many years as more and more requested my diaper cakes and other goodies. I opened my website several months ago more as an informational point but soon to take on orders for shipping. I am very particular about my cakes so I want them to be perfect through shipping. They will do just fine as they ship but still nervous. I do however have other items shipping which has become a fun adventure. Being it is only me I am staying small as business builds and eventually will take on a small staff that can create these handmade gifts to order.

When I am not working I am usually babysitting my niece or nephew. My niece is 15 months currently and my nephew (also my godson) is 10 months. My baby is 16 so its nice to have baby time. Its even more special that I can be so involved in my nieces and nephew's lives.

My son is the typical teenage who is trying to be as independent as possible. That makes mom a very uncool person to be around unless of course he needs money, he is sick, or he wants mom time and we head out to starbucks. My husband not only works his full-time job but he also is in college full-time and plays race car driver on the weekends. That doesn't give us much time together as a family but we do manage to come together every sunday at my mothers for family day.

In 4 weeks we will be in CA for a Christmas vacation with Mickey Mouse. In all the years I lived in Socal I never once visited the magic kingdom during any of the holidays. Last year was my 1st visit during Halloween and it was so fun seeing the park with new eyes. We also visited Universal Studios on Halloween at their Halloween Horror Nights. That was amazing! One of the best times I have ever had! We opted for the RIP tour. If you get a chance, try the tour. This year both parks will be fully decked out for the jingle holidays. I love Dr Suess so the idea of playing in whoville is very exciting. I am very excited to see Disneyland yet again with new eyes. Plus for the 1st time in about 10yrs I will be celebrating my birthday and we will be at Disneyland the day of. All of us kids have been cursed with a birthday within about a week of Christmas so to have it all to myself without the combo gifts is a very pleasant idea. We are going with several family members so this is just so exciting. We go to Disneyland so often its become like home. Still fun each time we go but to have the added excitement of something new always brings something fresh to the vacation.

Even with all that is coming I am still looking forward to the 2 of the 3 sit-down family dinners we share each year. Its special and many of my memories of youth have come from these special dinners. The smell of turkey throughout the house, football game on the tv, and the chatter of family masked with the laughs and screams of the kids is always a delightful time.

I will be one of those nuts shopping on Black Friday so wave in my direction if you are out there too!

Cherish those memories and share them for years to come. I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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