Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am back!

We returned from vacation on Sunday and boy oh boy was that a long, but wonderful, trip. I can certainly see us doing that one again. Next time though we will add an extra day so that in the middle we have a break.

My rest didn't last long. I came back to 2 sick sister-in-laws who needed help with the kids so off I went. In fact I am still helping take care of the kids. I wanted to take at least 1 day off before I was back into my routine of babysitting but as you can tell that didn't work out as planned. After today I have to get some cleaning and organizing of my house done. Lots and lots going on right now.

This next 3 weeks will be very stressful. Something I am not looking forward to. Can't say much about it now but will very soon. With a little faith and tequila we will all come through this just fine.

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