Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backyard Bird Feeder

Spoon-feed your winged neighbors with this
homemade birdseed dispenser.


Clean 1-liter soda bottle
Craft knife
2 wooden spoons
small eye screw
Length of twine for hanging

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

Step 1 - Backyard Bird Feeder 1. Start by drawing a 1/2-inch asterisk on the side of a clean 1-liter soda bottle, about 4 inches from the bottom. Rotate the bottle 90 degrees and draw another asterisk 2 inches from the bottom. Draw a 1-inch-wide circle opposite each asterisk, as shown.

2. Use a craft knife to slit the asterisk lines and cut out the circles (a parent's job). Insert a wooden spoon handle first through each hole and then through the opposite asterisk, as shown.

3. Remove the bottle cap and twist a small eye screw into the top of it for hanging.

4. Finally, fill your feeder with birdseed, recap it, and use a length of twine to hang it from a tree.

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