Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They grow so fast

My one and only baby is 15 today. He is grown so much this past year especially the last 6 months. Not only is he taller than I am he is looking so grown. The hair above his lip is darkening, his voice is changing. He doesn't look like the boy I still see him as.

When you are with your children daily, you don't see the changes as clearly as others. Just suddenly one day you think my goodness you have grown. Sometimes it takes you back a bit when you suddenly realize they grew before your eyes and you didn't even notice. Doesn't make us a bad parent. We just want to harness those special years.

I think ahead to 1 year from now. In a year he will be driving, have a job, maybe a girlfriend. His 10th grade year will be coming to an end in 1 year and the decisions about his future will begin.

His time as my baby is coming to a close. In 3 years he will be a legal adult and ready to make decisions for himself. That day will come with great pride as well as great sadness. We spend 18 years teaching our children how to be the person they will one day become. We hope and pray we did all we could and hope not to look back in regret for what we were not able to do. We hope and pray they will understand why we said no to so many things. One day they will understand.

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