Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Proud

For my brother and his wife's baby shower I made several of the decorations to include centerpieces, baby sock corsages, and a diaper cake.

The diaper cake is a 3 tier cake decorated with a floral theme.

The centerpieces were custom baby sock topiary.

Continuing the Disney theme I created a kiss jar topped with Disney Princesses. I made a matching smaller jar with a single princess for mom as a keepsake.

While mom and dad were unable to attend the baby shower due to the early arrival of their daughter, they still received a baby sock corsage and matching boutonniere.

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April said...

Very pretty and creative. I usually go for the Home safty items. You know the stuff you need to baby proof you home. Definately something new mommies need. But yours definately is a wonderful way to give a gift and decorate :D