Monday, January 25, 2010

The First Dance

Saturday my son went to his very first dance with his very first real girlfriend and also happened to be their very first real date. They attended winter ball, a semi formal dance.

I was proud he was such a gentleman. Made me feel good and told me he actually listened to what his father and I have been saying.

We didn't get to order pictures since they are sneaky in requiring payment the night of with no peek at packages, prices, anything. We were able to snag a few pictures as he arrived to pick her up so those will have to do. I was a little shocked they did not offer even punch at the dance and not thinking I didn't give extra money to hit up the vending machines since the dance took place in the school cafeteria. I figured simple refreshments would be included and nothing indicated to the contrary. Live and learn. Next time we know how the game goes and will play it well.

It occurs to me looking at the picture how young he still is but when I see him in person I see someone older (will be 16 in a few months). I am convinced he photographs young.

In the end they had a wonderful time and that is all that matters.

I even made it the entire night without shedding one teenie tiny tear. I am so proud!

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Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Oh boy. I am so dreading this day. My son is starting the girl thing now. It is all beginning. Good for you for getting through without tears. They grow up too fast! You have a new follower!