Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time to catch up

I was going through my various blogs and checking my posts only to find I have not updated here in almost 2 weeks! Bad Liv!

Its been an interesting couple weeks. Nothing major.

If I am not spending time with my family especially my nieces and godson I am submerged in work. I am revamping and refocusing where my business is going. This past year was about testing the waters with new products and ideas. I have the information I need and its time to move forward full force. Next week will be 2 yrs since I bought the company which leaves me 3 yrs to open a retail location. In 10 yrs I plan to have 4 locations and a fully blossomed consultant program.

There is unofficial plans to have my niece and godson baptized this April. This has me on the look out for special items such as his outfit, a special cross, and the blanket I was baptized with (somewhere buried in my closet I'm sure. I want as many of the babies in the family baptized with the blanket as it is passed down from generation to generation. I considered having my baptized in my son's outfit but I want my first grandson to be baptized in it so Chase will get a brand new outfit.

Like most people I have seen the news about the terrible earthquake in Haiti. My heart certainly goes out to the families affected. Sadly there is several who are upset that Americans are rushing to their aid when Americans need to focus on Americans. While I can agree with that statement I also agree when we are able lets help. Who cares if they have come to our aid. You help others out of the kindness in your heart not because you kept score and only help those who helped you first. There are people dying, trapped, giving their lives trying to rescue others, mothers crying because their children will never come home. These people need food and water. Its not as though they can go to the corner market and buy food and water. Stores have crumbled, refrigerators are under rubble, food and water have been contaminated. Not only that, how many Americans are vacationing or visiting family? Should we just ignore the fact they traveled outside of their home country? I think its awful when I see people speaking ill of those wanting to help. There is no need to speak unkind. Keep it to yourself.

I noticed some speaking unkind words for the government not helping those in need during this recession. Unemployment is being extended. Not by the states but the federal government. Not many realize this. When state benefits run out they turn over to federal. There are many who have turned to agencies such as welfare for assistance, food banks for food and clothing, non-profit organizations to help with their utilities. If you are out of work you get more assistance than if you take a pay cut and have a hard time paying your bills. I am not saying either is fair but some are not looking at the entire story.

In February I plan to participate in a can drive to help our food pantries. They are suffering. They are still getting donations and sometimes more than in the past. Its the huge increase in those needing their assistance that is the problem. Some complain that big companies such as Walmart are not donating enough. The problem there is in times like this they are inundated with donation requests. They can't donate it all. There is a limit to what everyone can do. Most of those around me can donate a minimum of 1 can of food to help the local food pantries. If I give up 1 Starbucks a week that is at least 5 cans of food a week I can donate. Did you know food pantries could also use pet food? Why tear a family apart. Pets are family members and they need to eat. Luckily our local food pantry receives donations from a pet supply store (its either petco or petsmart. can't remember which). They also need formula. If you have extra pet food or unused cans of baby formula, donate them. Can't donate food? Donate those old clothes you no longer wear including shoes. Don't forget to donate towels. You know how many could use towels to shower with. Look at donating personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, even female personal products. Just make the call and see what they need and accept. Get your team at work together, sports teams, moms club, carpool, those you see on the bus everyday, jazzercize class.

Next time you see a lady at the store carrying her louis vitton using food stamps, remember she may have been able to afford it 6 months ago but today she is without a job and needs food for her kids. You may need the help too one day so don't judge a book by its cover as the story may be heartbreaking.


Rodney said...

Hi there! Thank you for the insight. This sure is a great help. You had made an outrageous impact to all the working moms out there. Make more blogs and continue sharing your thoughts and be an inspiration not just to the working moms but also to everyone who has a motivation in succeeding.

Amy said...

I nominated you for an award:

ABrownEyedMom said...

I have real COACH handbag, my very first real luxury bag! I was able to afford it a few months ago while I was working. Now, hubby and I are both not working. I do feel bad having it considering we will need food stamps and we are on medicaid.