Saturday, April 11, 2009

My garden

This past week has been quite difficult as my father has been ill. He was experiencing numbness in his legs and it was spreading into his hands. They admitted him to the hospital Monday for tests but came up with a conclusion that was not expected. His blood sugar is not being controlled. His symptoms are being blamed on uncontrolled diabetes. With him having to battle cancer in the past, my fear was this came back just in a different part of the body.

I found myself looking for ways to occupy my mind. My mother has decided to start to garden again after so many years. We enjoyed this for so many years. I can remember as a young girl helping my mother. I still have memories of my brother just under me going out to the garden and talk to his special plant. We were always taught to talk to our plants and they would grow from love. This made me decide to join my mother and start a garden of my own.

My garden started with 3 flower pots for my front porch. I planted the seeds last weekend so expect to see them begin to sprout this coming week. Next came 3 mini small herb pots I found at target. They were only $1 each and will adorn my kitchen window for a bit. I have also started plants from my mothers seeds that she will be planting this year - zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, 2 types of tomatoes, spinach. I will also add onions, green onions, garlic, cilantro, and chili. The men in my life like their salsa so what a great way to go by growing my own.

I plant to keep this in large planters along the back porch this year. Next year my garden will be in a section of the yard prepared. It seemed as though time crept up and didn't have time to get my area sectioned and prepared.

With my new garden I hope to regain back some of the special times I miss with my son. As he grows into a man, being around mom is not always very cool. With my brothers' growing families this will become great memories as I share my garden with my nieces and nephews.

Something wonderful that can be used for starting those gardens are empty egg cartons. Not the styrofoam cartons. The cardboard. Most of these are recycled already. Place soil and seeds in each compartment. When it is time to plant in your garden you can even just cut these up and plant. The carton will break down and is completely safe. Just another way to add a little green to your lifestyle without changing much.

I will post pictures along the way.

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