Friday, May 29, 2009

What part of "work" in WAHM do some not understand?

I have been a full-time work at home mother for nearly 3 yrs and a part-time work at home mother for several years before. The biggest obstacle I have to overcome (like most WAHMs) is not the obvious - long hours, balancing the home and kids, making the sale. The challenge is getting others to comprehend the concept of working from home. It is automatically assumed I can take time off at anytime. That is not the case. Yes I can flex my schedule if I have notice but I can't just drop and run.

I recently had an encounter where I was given a project because 2 others could not do it. One is college with a young child, no job. The other has a demanding job, no children. Now I can certainly appreciate both of these circumstances as I have been there. Problem is everyone forgot I have a full-time job as a business owner of an online handbag boutique with a consultant program. I am also mom, wife, 2 smaller businesses that I represent that I must work, heading a marketing campaign for an advertising co-op, keeping up the mini business of blogging, 2 fundraising campaigns. Now yes I will say I work more hours than the others and many times I have more stress. It comes with the territory of 80-100 hours a week.

I have to remind everyone I DO work not sit at home eating bon bons watching Oprah. Some do get upset and the first thing that usually leaves their lips is "but I have to work." Yes and so do I. Teachers this year no matter how many times I stated I work from home they always expect that I can drop and run. When I say I can't it is usually something like I thought you were a stay at home mom. No, I WORK.

This mindset is also why so many go into working from home because they don't see it as work. I am wanting to start a local work at home mothers group that not only provides support to WAHMs but also awareness and understanding what a WAHM does on a daily basis. Once all the fundraising, baby showers, marketing campaigns, and the summer craziness has slowed I will work on this idea and put it into action.

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Patrice said...

Nice post. You made things clear. I agree that many did not understand what and how it is to be a work at home mom. It's not an easy job as what others think.