Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where the deals are

I love finding a good deal just like everyone else but recently I have truly discovered etsy. I have been to the site many times and simply browsed without really doing much. I did a bit more searching and found some fabulous and unique handmade items. The talent these people have is unreal. I found a a beautifully crafted fairy in a bottle out of the UK that I simply must have. Its tiny, delicate, artistic, and unique.

Most of the talented people I came across are WAHMs. Being a supporter of WAHMs I am thrilled I could come across something like this. I know its been around for quite some time now but if you haven't taken a good look, do so. You never know what you will run across.
Here are a couple of shops that are my favorites so far:
Jack and Jane Boutique
Creations By Charity
Through The Cellar Door
Do you have a favorite etsy shop? Comment and share it with us.

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