Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever Considered a Maid or Personal Assistant?

I certainly have. As a WAHM I am busy busy busy. It would be a weight lifted to have someone come in once a week to clean or have a personal assistant take care of the little tasks 10-15 hours a week.

While casually mentioning this someone chimed in to inform me I was spoiled and that is only for the rich. With the reasonable costs of these services and the amount of time newly made available to me, I would be in a position to make more money.

They way I figure it is my time is roughly worth $40 an hour. If I can hire a personal assistant to take on a few tasks at $10 an hour I come out ahead. That is an extra hour I have to work. This is worth it to me. That means instead of running to drop off bills, pick up milk and dog food at the store, get gas for the car, quick run across the floor with the vacuum, I can be working.

I get back a minimum of 1 hour a day if I have someone else do these for me. $40 an hour minus $1o for assistant = $30 profit.

So its not because I am rich and spoiled. It just makes sense for me. After the beginning of the year I will have a minimum of a housekeeper once a week. Moving into spring/summer as I move forward with plans to open a store starting with exposure in fairs and expos, an assistant will be greatly appreciated and needed.

For much of what I need I could hire a mom to help me out and they can bring their young child; possibly children depending what I have on the task list that day.

Next time you could use extra time to work instead of every day tasks, consider an assistant. Hire a SAHM who wants to make a few extra bucks.


dealightfullyfrugal said...

I have an award waiting for you at my blog:

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I think it's a great idea! I have some of the young girls in my neighborhood come in and give me a hand. They have been wonderful, saving my life sometimes:) Usually helping out with either general tasks, dusting, vacuuming, or I have them getting to the stuff I just never get to, organizing closets, sweeping cobwebs, dusting light fixtures.

It's good for them too, they earn a little money and learn about different tasks.


Tracy DeLuca said...

I think thats a great idea. It is so hard to juggle everything. If you can afford it, why not?

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