Monday, October 26, 2009

You Don't Do Anything

That is the one phrase I hear that I can't stand. During the week at some point someone needs something and when I decline that is the phrase that appears.

As a WAHM it is hard for others to see that you actually work. Even my son will walk in the house and instantly ask if he can use the laptop. He looks at me when I say no because I am working as though I just spoke an unrecognizable language.

There are a few low rent offices nearby that I have considered inquiring about. It is merely for the change in perception that I don't nothing all day.

I think what makes it hard is when you hear WAHM you think just direct sales. You don't tend to think of running a business from home. Not that direct sales WAHMs don't work hard and long hours. Its the mindset is the point. There are many places this does happen but where I live its not widely seen or heard.

Its even harder when family members compare the work and school my husband does. Its not recognized that I do something. Its believed I am lazy, use my husbands money, and chat all day on the computer. My solution to changing this view has always been to invite these people to spend a day with me and see exactly what it is I do. Once person in particular refuses. Not sure if its because I will prove them wrong or its a simple fact they don't like me. I am ok with both. It is how it is. I just wish that each visit with this person I do not have to tolerate the comments or defend my actions in every way possible.

All I can say at this point is I do work long hours. I work all day and well into the early morning hours. A 16 hour day is not uncommon and many days I can only hope it ends before the 17th hour. I even work on the weekends. Sometimes to the displeasure of those around me as I answer emails through the blackberry.

Next time you come across a WAHM remember they work hard. They have a job. Maybe not in an office outside the home but they have a job. During that time they are often interrupted with children, spouses, meals needing to be made, cleaning to be done, dogs to be walked, errands to be run. Sleep is a privilege for the WAHM. Support a WAHM.

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