Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Drug Tests

As a mother of a teenager I hope that I have raised my son to be responsible and make good choices. We have had the talks concerning drugs, alcohol, and sex, but I am always worried the peer pressure will speak louder than the lessons he has learned.

I have always told my son I can and will drug test him randomly. I know all that I used to get away with when out of my parents sight so I am not naive to the fact there is something that will happen that I do not approve of. Just as I will periodically check up on any social networks he is involved in, I will check to make sure he does not involve himself in bad choices concerning drugs and alcohol.

This past weekend I made my way to Walgreens where they have home drug tests available. They have single tests for cocaine, marijuana, steroids, alcohol, and multi tests that test a variety of drugs. I chose a multi test that would test for drugs common in our city.

I am proud to say he passed with flying colors. Nothing came up questionable including his behavior. He did not fight it, seem overly nervous (beyond the nerves of a first time drug test by mom and dad).

Sadly I know there are kids in or around his peer group that have experimented with drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. With knowing I may randomly test him again I just hope he continues to make the right choices and not put himself in a bad position.


Anonymous said...

well done to you for teaching your son so well, my boys are only 2 ad 3 years old but I will offer them te same advise and also be testing them too!
All we can do is steer them in the right direction, and hope we have done enough!!
Well done to your son too for passig with flying colours xx

Robin @ A Balanced Life said...

I must say that as a mother of a teenage daughter, you did a very brave thing. I have had several conversations with other friends and sometimes as parents we want to be in denial. But I like your approach. As parents, we have a hard job. Ensuring the total health and safety of our children is part of that. Thanks for the post and congratulations in raising a fine young man.