Monday, June 15, 2009

Away for camp

My son left for boy scout camp yesterday. That was hard. He has never been out of my control in 15yrs. If he has been on vacation without us it has been with my parents. This time he is off on his own. Its hard to let go especially being an only child. It had to happen sooner or later. I have to constantly remind myself he is not in his room playing games, he is not at home waiting for dinner when I am running errands late, he is not going to come running in and ask what I am doing. No friends over, no loud radio for me be upset that it is too loud. I kept thinking last night as a storm passed through that he didn't pack warm enough. While I was at the store picking up some snacks for hubby I kept think Phillip would like this. As I reached out to grab hold I remembered he wasn't home today and didn't need a snack. Was worried because he forgot my jacket and only had sweaters and sweatshirts. As we were leaving my mother's house late last night I kept wanting to call out to him to come downstairs and tell his grandparents good bye so we could leave. Just strange. He comes back Saturday so we will see how well I do after a week without. Anyone else go through child withdrawals?

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