Friday, June 19, 2009

He's almost home!

How can it be so hard to let your child go off to camp. I know it was compounded by the fact that my brothers and their wives took a last minute vacation so it seemed as though everyone was gone. He called the other day and as soon as he said hi I started to cry. I miss him so much. If I miss him now what will it be like in 3 yrs when he graduates high school and goes off to college or the military. He may decide to do neither but I have to let go sometime.

I have found several things to do this week business wise since I didn't have to worry about making lunch or worrying where he is. That is the one benefit to being a WAHM. You eventually have your child going off to school, social event, or simply outside to play giving you some quiet time for work.

My son comes home tomorrow and I am very excited. I plan to take him to lunch and spend the afternoon hearing all about his week. With Sunday being father's day tomorrow is my big chance to snag him. The hardest part of being a parent I think is the part where you let go. That time is coming closer and closer. Knowing you have done your best in raising him to be the best person he can be is not good enough. You have been taking care of them for so long its hard to think they don't need you to raise them. They still need you but it changes.

I can define it anyway I want but it is still letting go.

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