Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kudos - Donna Bliss of My Miracle Baby

Donna and I are part of the Mom Pack a networking group dedicated to moms. Donna made a post offering a christening gown from her business My Miracle Baby.

Original post:
I have an exquisite christening gown by Elegant Baby to the first person who needs this for their special occasions. Its a stunning satin gown with a bonnet sized 6M. We no longer sell this item--the style has been changed and I thought it would be nice to offer it to a mom. In these tough times, I'd love to be able to help someone who wants a special dress for the baptism. Its simple, classic and truly stunning. We use to sell them for $109. It would be completely free - no catch other than you have to be use it for a christening or baptism for your child or someone you know--its not for resale. Have a great weekend!

I was lucky enough to reply first to receive the gown. I received the gown on Wednesday and I am in awe. It is truly stunning! It is so simple and elegant. Just exquisite to say the least. I am so excited to offer this gown to my godbaby. For such a special day this gown is perfect. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about my godbaby in this gown.

Thank you Donna and My Miracle Baby!

Visit Donna and My Miracle Baby at She has some beautiful items available and incredible prices.

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