Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craft Addiction

I have to admit it - I am a craft addict. I think it mainly stems from coping skills created to deal with ADD. A typical behavior of those with ADD/ADHD is incomplete projects. Being I have to complete a project at some point related to work, crafts I do not. It becomes my balance and subconsciously it allows me to deal with this.

While that is not the only reason, I just like crafting. I consider myself a fairly creative person. Through crafting I can enjoy that creativity. I often start with a project that I throw myself into fully then stop because I get bored. Eventually I pick it back up so I store my crafting items.

If you see my crafting area, you will wonder why I have so many. I know I do. I am currently on 3 crafting projects. One is baby shower items, keychains, recycling items into usable accessories. Soon this list will be birthday party art pieces (my niece is having a candyland theme and her family is going all out!) and I will pick back up my bow making as my youngest niece will have enough hair to wear them.

I have the itch to make Christmas ornaments but not sure I have enough time to make the amount I would need for family gift giving. Being I am fidgety (another ADD/ADHD trait) I need to always have something to do with my hands. Helps my husband stay sane. Blogging also helps with this. Blogging also helps with the 30 thoughts going through my head at any one moment.

So back to where I was... with so many crafting projects and the need to always have a project on the table I consider myself an addict. I can't be without a project even if I am not actively involved.

I am hoping next summer to begin a play area for my nieces and nephews to include a play house, fairy garden, and a few other tid bits I am thinking through. This will take about 2 yrs to complete and allow me to expand as I get the itch.

I would like to purchase a shed of some sort to store all my crafts neatly and also give me a mini workshop outside of the house. Ever heard of Man Cave? Well this would be the Woman Cave.

So who is with me? Any other crafting addicts out there?

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