Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day is Coming!

Turkey day is coming and my mouth is already watering just thinking about the juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, hot rolls oozing with butter, pumpkin pie and lots of whipped topping. Although tradition states you are supposed to be recreating the original dinner of the 1600's, we are traditional in the way of making our own traditions and sharing what we are thankful this year.

Being a mixed family of different cultures we also celebrate Thanksgiving with Puerto Rican dishes such as arroz con gandules, tostones, and a Mexican favorite of tamales. And because we all love my mothers potato salad this will also grace our table. My brother the culinary student will be creating for us a wonderful creme brulee while his wife makes a wonderful pumpkin bread.

The women will cook and craft, the children will play, the men will watch football. Because you can't split up Thanksgiving like you can with Christmas some will have 2 thanksgiving dinners that day. This Thanksgiving my niece Elizabeth will enjoy her very first thanksgiving dinner. Although she will not be able to partake in the delicious food spread, we will all share in the memories of her very first thanksgiving meal.

We will end our night with wii games as we prepare to brave the lines of the midnight sales starting at the Disney store moving into the wee morning hours to grab the best deals. Lucky for us the lines are not insane and we can easily navigate the sales without being trampled.

What is your tradition? Do you do anything special or non-traditional?

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Naomi de la Torre said...

Hi! I'm Naomi and visiting you from MBC. At our house we do a lot of traditional foods but also we have spicy salsa and tortillas. Yum! I love tostones too. Have a super Thanksgiving and I'll visit you again soon!