Monday, November 16, 2009

What is in your purse?

Everyone is always teasing me about how much I carry in my purse. While I do carry a lot I am sure there are others with more and even more puzzling than myself.

So here I am ready to expose all the gory details of the deep depths of my purse.

Contents of my purse (I saved your eyes from pictures)

Hand sanitizer - Purel and Lysol
Wet Ones Antibacterial wipes
Flat wallet
Bottle of prescription medication
Inhalers - rescue, steroid, and backup OTC inhaler
Pens (about 5)
OTC allergy medication
Victoria's Secret body spray (in case you wondered - strawberries and champagne)
Pink grapefruit Tic Tacs
Eclipse gum
Hello kitty candy tin w/candy
Travel size deodorant
4 pack of wisps (mini disposable toothbrushes)
Lip balm (2)
Nail polish (fast drying)
Toothpicks (the kind with a pick at one end and floss on the other)
Eye drops
Travel size Febreeze
Handbag caddy
Business card holder
Travel size Lysol
Travel size mouthwash
5 hour energy
Plastic case that holds instant drink mix (store brand Crystal Light) and instant coffee (Starbucks VIA)
Mini notepad
Rubber band for hair
2 mini hair clips
5 pack of mini colored pens
Nail buds (pack of mini nail files)

and although I don't currently have on I try to keep a mini travel first aid kit and mini travel sewing kit as well.

Days I wear makeup and have my hair done I also carry:
Lip gloss
Pressed powder
Lip liner
Travel size hairspray
Mini travel makeup brush kit

So that's the purse contents many tease me about. I carry a lot but I pretty much have anything anyone will need and these have come in handy at some point in time.

So what do you keep in your purse? Anything unusual?


Christie O. said...

WOW, you beat me!!! I thought I had a lot in my purse but it's not really the quantity for me, it's the randomness! Like part of a heart-rate monitor or a Thomas train.. I wish it were more organized like yours! You really are prepared in any event!!

Mommy24cs said...

Like you I have lots of wipes and hand sanitizer. I also have make-up, finger nail clippers, large wallet, pens, mini hairspray bottle, coupon holder, handkerchief, tissues, ipod touch-(to keep Carson entertained at restaurants) a couple hot wheel cars, fruit snacks, granola bars, lots of chapstick, mini first aid kit. I'm sure there is more but I'm to lazy to go get my purse LOL.

Naomi de la Torre said...

Okay! I finally have a rival for random things carried in the purse. My purse includes hot wheels cars, small dinosaurs, a parachute man, a monster lollipop, four packets of gum, a wallet, 10 pens, an epi-pen, checkbook, wet wipes, sanitizing wet wipes, tampons, diapers, more wet wipes, unused napkins, tissues, small gorillas, a yo-yo, tiny erasers, 6 small bouncy balls, trash, crumpled bits of papers, my writing journal, a cell phone, tokens for Chuck E Cheese's, coupons that I never use...the list goes on. What a fun blog you have! Have a great week and I'll visit again soon.