Monday, November 9, 2009

Personal Goals

After this past weeks vacation I realized I really need to drop a few pounds (about 50 to be realistic) and get in better shape. It was hard keeping up at first. Our muscles were so tired and my asthma was at an all time high. These could all have been alleviated by being in better shape. I don't expect to be in great shape. Just better.

My goals are to begin walking on a schedule. Not just when I feel like it. I will start with every other day. That may go through Jan since winter is near. Being on a hill and ice being an issue from time to time, I may not be able to step it up until we get past the worst part.

Next is to cut down on the sweets. Being I work from home it is really easy to snack on poor choices. If its easy I grab it. I will switch to fruits and vegetables that I can cut up making it easy when I need to snack.

Cut back on the Starbucks. I really enjoy my Venti White Chocolate Mocha. Instead of 2-3 in a week I can cut that down to 1 or 2 and move to a grande instead.

Watch my carbs. I love pasta and breads. They can be a serious downfall. I need to balance out my meals rather than cut them.

Drink more water. This past week I realized how little I drink water. I drank more this week than I have before.

I will take more "me" time. I always tell my son if you look good, you feel good. I need to practice what I preach. In years before I have done this and kept my weight at a reasonable level. Since purchasing my business in Jan '08, "me" time is hard to come by. That will change.

This all really is minor changes in my life but I need to be more aware and on top of them.


Joey said...

Hi, nice post you got here.

I am doing a lot of "me" time here in NY (vacationing). Been listening to LOA (Law of Attraction) teachings and have realized that we need to honor, give to, appreciate, love ourselves more to be able to do the same for others.

I invite you to check out my blogs, too and see what you think. I'm definitely in need of other Moms' opinions.

God Bless!

Tracy DeLuca said...

Good goals! I am int he midst of trying to lose weight and get back in shape myself... it's hard! LOL