Friday, January 16, 2009

Creating a schedule

With the new changes of having a college student (being my husband) now in the home, I am finding it is necessary to create a schedule so everyone stays on track. I never worked off a schedule in the past for the entire family as I always felt these were so strict. Now that it has become necessary I can see why so many families utilize them. The schedule will be most beneficial when it comes to computer use, meals (including meals on weekends and holidays), family time, household chores, and quiet time to allow everyone time work without interruptions. Our activities outside of the house are also increasing so this will be crucial in keeping up.

One issue I am running into is family functions. While functions within our house are easily controlled, those outside of the house are not. Most times we have family members who relay information about get-togethers and parties just a few days before. No matter how often we have mentioned the inconvenience of this nothing has changed. If we choose not to go due to schedule conflicts it creates tension in the family. In the end it is not worth it. Everyone else chooses to conform forcing us to do the same. In the future I am hoping to find an effective way to convey the respect we need in relation to short notices and the inability to attend when this takes place.

Working around deadlines and prior engagements we are determined to schedule 1 day a month for the family. We each take turns choosing a destination or activity for that month and make the necessary arrangements to follow through. With my son getting older, my husband in college full-time and working full-time, and my business that I operate from the home, I think this is important we find the time and make every effort to spend quality time together.


April said...

Good luck with your schedule. Will you be using your computer or one of those big schedule calendars they have. I prefer the computer cause I'm always on anyway and I can set it up with an alarm that keeps me on schedule :D

Olivia - said...

I am using 3 actually. My computer and blackberry so there is reference anywhere we go. The other is a monthly blank printed calendar on my refrigerator. It is in a plastic sleeve with a magnet in the back. Its the kind you can buy at the office supply to print on and make your own. It slips inside of the sleeve as well and holds great. The plastic sleeve is so we can write on it with dry ease markers. We can change the month, add notes, appointments, or ideas easily.