Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inventory Time

With the new year upon us it is time for inventory and then moving to get those books straight for taxes. Today it was planned to begin the inventory count. Unfortunately this did not occur as planned but I am ready for Monday

Before a count could be started paperwork is a must. I am always buying new product to test before I add to the product line and not always do they make the cut. Because of this they do not make the main inventory list. I have to pull these sheets separate. I have 3 lists I combine. Others may have a different opinion on how this should be done but this is what works best for me at this time.

The 3 sheets I combine for inventory are - site inventory (how much was sold on the site and currently available), order inventory (what I order in for resale), sales inventory (total sales since not all sales occur online, includes samples and demo). These combined will give me total inventory in and out. It will also ready me for sales documentation.

These do not sound as though lengthy amounts of time are the case but in fact it is. While most is already done to some degree there is still integration and corrections to be made. For a Saturday I spent my entire schedule allotted taking care of this. That is why no inventory today.

Business is important but family is more important. I have vowed to take only 4-5 hours on a Saturday while Sunday is only allowed 1 hour when I first get up and nothing in between. The rest of the time is dedicated to family as it should. I can however steal some extra time when my 2 guys are off for some father/son time.

Monday will be inventory counts as well as reorganization. Inventory should take roughly 3-4 hours although I am allowing up to 5. Things happen and I always allow that extra time. Reorganization should take about the same and will roll over to Tuesday. If I do not allow for an extra day I will cut into the evening with family when is supposed to be for dinner, homework, and quality time with the family. Monday is return to school day so it is important I do not run past 5pm ideally.

Sunday I take off with the exception of my 1 hour. I will come back to talk about what takes place during that hour.

Stay tuned as this will be an interesting week.

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