Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Has this happened to you (a vent mostly)?

For a week someone advertised their party and even had help doing so. All week myself and others could only talk about how excited we were to attend and buy. Being I was a previous customer of this company I knew what I wanted and really anticipated the party. When I heard there was a party coming I even held off from ordering from the company site in case there was an actual party which was about 3 weeks before the actual party took place.

The party was held and just happened to be on a day that my son was sick enough for the Dr. I had to take him in late and just completely forgot there was a party until the next day. At that point I kept posting on the board I wanted ordering information and any specials. For days nothing from the rep. Only the board I even seen this person in a chat room telling them I wanted to order. Still nothing. This has been 2 weeks now and I still have not made an order. Unfortunately I will not be placing an order with this lady now. I should not have to chase down someone just to give them my money. If I have to chase them down, will I actually get my order?

Has this happened to anyone else? I am leaving the persons name and company out on purpose. This wasn't an actual bad transaction. Just no transaction at all. I have had great transactions with the company just unfortunately I can't seem to get myself a steady consultant outside of parties. There is no close representative in my state so I have to rely on the internet.

I have just never had to chase down anyone to make a purchase like this and not get any results. Being I own a small business with consultants and even still hold parties myself I just can't seem to wrap my head around the idea that someone would not want my money so they make the sale and make money. If someone wants to buy something from me you better believe I am going after that sale. Maybe I am just more gun ho than others but I am in the business to make money not to pass opportunity by.

If you have a business you work from home and do parties, please make sure you follow up on sales leads before and after your parties. You may just miss out on that sale because you just didn't pay attention.

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