Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday 1/6/09

Tuesday I awoke to a man in pain. My husband has knee problems and today they escalated to the point he could barely place weight on his problem knee. He stayed home of course and after 5 calls to 5 different dr offices, no appointments available anywhere. Even after explaining the issue the closest appointment is available next week. Choices are Urgent Care which has a $50 deductible on top of the $35 copay for the visit. $85 to be seen is ridiculous in my opinion. Next choice, ER. Being a veteran using the local VA hospital there is no copay. Problem is to be seen can be 8 hours. Waiting for 8 hours to be seen can be torture and those with joint pain can understand the problem. He opted to decline both options, rest, and take OTC pain relievers for now.

At some point in the day I take 30 minutes to drink a nice cup of tea with sugar and milk while I surf the net. I do my best to stay away from work related surfing as this is my time to read the news, update my MySpace or Facebook, or visit one of my favorite WAHM forums. There wasn't much for updating so I decided to look over some new sites I have come across. Some of these sites gave me ideas for new blogs on one of my other blogs. I came across a site that boasted professionalism but looked more like a MySpace page with so many glitter graphics, busy backgrounds, videos, "fun" survey's and far too much wording. No matter how fun and cute, it is never professional. (stay tuned to an upcoming blog about site design and professionalism at http://livswahmblog.blogspot.com)

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