Friday, January 9, 2009

Wife of a college student

Most situations it is the wife in college. I am in the reverse position. Not only in the reverse position but my husband works outside of the home. He will be taking on a full class load of 5 classes (15 credit hours) on top of his full-time job.

I am excited for him. He will be working towards accomplishing a goal he has longed for. I am also very proud. He has thought long and hard about what he will be sacrificing and even considering the feelings and sacrifices of his family.

This will be hard for us all and I expect that. Most of his evenings he will have his head buried in books. Many weekends he will be hard at studying and even toting a laptop to family outings so he can do classwork in between activities. This will take juggling and being flexible of us all to support him in his studies.

As a strong family, we will make it work.

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