Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its been awhile

I know its been awhile so I better get updated pretty quick.

My personal online time is getting cut very short these days. Even my working time. I have to get everything done by a certain time so I can get dinner started and leave the computer to hubby for his homework. He has been trying to get some homework done at work to allow me extra time on the computer. Soon this will not be a problem when he gets his laptop the first week of Feb. This is when the student loan balances are dispersed for the term.

Our son has ADHD and seems we are going backwards. This is what was expected when he hit puberty. He is a bit of a late bloomer with puberty so its starting to hit a little fast. That isn't the problem though. The problem comes in with his obsession to steal items. If we have goodies in the house he will steal it even if he has his own set of snacks. I have gone as far as feeding him 4 full meals in a day then add snacks. That does not help. I have taken all sugary snacks out and he will still find something to steal. Nobody can figure out why he does this. It doesn't happen at other houses such as his grandparents. Just ours. We have used the techniques offered by Dr's and counselors but still nothing. His medication seems to be at the right dose. Right now it appears we just need to ride it out.

I am in the process of organizing a moms group locally for moms like me. One with older moms or moms with older children at home. There is at least one mom group around here but all younger moms with younger children. I just don't seem to fit in. While they discuss preschool coming in the next couple years, I am discussing college coming in the next couple years. I know to some that seems strange but I can no longer relate to potty training and learning the ABC's anymore. I relate to driving school and studying for the SAT's.

I am very proud last night though. I created a recipe that turned our right the first time. When I start a recipe, it is always off a bit and I at least need to make it once more to tweak it. It was a ravioli covered in a cream sauce with mushrooms and bacon. Although perfect I am going to make a variation in the future that includes finely chopped baby spinach in the sauce. I will put up the recipe by Monday when I make edits to my chicken scratch.

If you have never had fresh spinach you are missing out. I hate spinach growing up. We were fed the cooked spinach in the cans. It is not pleasant. Fresh spinach is very different. It is not as strong and a bit on the sweet side. I still have a hard time eating it in salad because of my younger years but I can cook with it. I hide it in spaghetti and nobody knows the difference.

Ever since I was young I always liked to cook and invent recipes. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. That experimenting paid off and I do quite well in my cooking. It must run in the family. My younger brothers both have the same love of cooking and creating their own recipes. One is in culinary school to become a chef. Not long after he graduates I plan to open a store and throw an opening party. I told him he is already hired to cater.

I think I am caught up for now. I hope this finds everyone well.

See you on the blog side :D

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