Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh what a Monday

Today was the first day of the next 2 years as the wife of a college student. I accompanied him today to help purchase his books and supplies. His knee has still been an issue but did very well considering the walking and climbing required.

We currently only have the 1 computer setup so this will be a challenge for the next couple weeks. We will be setting up the second computer that is down currently until he can get ahold of a laptop in the next month or so. The struggle over the computer has already begun. This is placing the 2nd computer in top priority.

Tonight will be a late night at work. Deadlines are closing in. It will get easier. Just a lot of adjustment when things change.

I have aquired a new notebook folio that also stores a great monthly calendar. What is so wonderful is the calendar has pages that flip over the top for easy access. It also has a storage pocket and pen placement in a secure way. I found this at Walmart for only $8. Its a soft faux leather cover and very professional looking. Its a great item for the work at home mother.

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