Friday, January 2, 2009

School is out - The challenge

Christmas break (or winter break if we are to be pc) is coming to and end and I must say I am thankful. I truly love having my son home as often as I can keep him home but the challenge has been staying with a work schedule.

When I first get on the computer I want 2 hours uninterrupted time. Everyone is aware of this and has become the habit of everyone that mom is working from this time to this time. Outside of this I can take breaks, which I need anyways, but times I feel as though I am constantly doing this. For an hour today I would begin working in some capacity then you hear "mom??" You don't want to send him away but at the same time I have done nothing for an hour.

This is not a one time occurrence. This happens nearly every day. Problem is on days he is out of school I was getting less and less done. I know there are other moms out there who have more than 1 child to attend to daily that are not in school just yet. I had to come up with a solution.

Solution one that works well on high demand business days - The trusty timer. When I need time uninterrupted I place the timer on 30 minutes. During that time unless an emergency I cannot be disturbed. At that point I will take a 5 minute break and we can discuss anything he likes. Once our break is up the timer is set again. I seem to take several breaks this way and my day is extended but it stays productive.

Solution two - put him to work. He enjoys the fact he can help me out from time to time. He counts my shipping boxes to ensure I have the minimum on my list in the storage area. He cleans the storage area, checks off shipments posted on the dry erase board, files shipment invoices by date, assembles advertising packets (business cards, flyer, brochure, pen, folder or envelope). These are normally quick tasks he finds easy to accomplish and allows him extra time with me but allows me to stay productive.

There are many of you moms out there with little ones at home and go through the same thing I have 10 fold. I want to know what do you do to stay productive and attend your children.

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