Saturday, January 17, 2009

Started MonaVie This Week

On Liv's WAHM Blog I do product reviews regularly. This next 2 weeks I am trying and reviewing MonaVie. So far it has been an interesting experience. I can't say too much yet as it will all be revealed in the review. It has really been a fun experience. My MonaVie review will be ready the last week of Jan or 1st week of Feb.

MonaVie is not the first. I have had the chance to try several products over the last several months. Not only able to try but share those experiences. I started product reviews due to the lack of real feedback. Many times I wondered about something particular and did a search. Nothing available except a sales pitch. Even testimonials can be decieving. Not that they all are but I can't necessariy trust them. Just like movie reviews many times they pick what they want to show. I have been part of companies where management actually told staff to makeup testimonials. Maybe its unfair but that is why I never trust them.

In my product reviews these are products I do not represent in any way and I am not paid. I will tell you exactly how I feel about it, good or bad. This way others can see a real experience by a real person using a real product. Being able to share that makes me feel good. I am able to contribute in some small way. In very few cases I can actually prevent others from making a mistake by buying a product that does not live up to its claim.

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